While serving in the U.S. Navy and bored with whiskeys and cognacs, Charles Nelson Culver explored the Caribbean and South Pacific in search of a superior Rum. After returning home to Baltimore unsuccessful, he conspired with an old German Brew Master, John Adam Enders, to make his own. He did so using a variety of sugars from all over the world, along with an innovative “Turbulent Aging” process which simulates the roughest sea conditions a barrel would experience traveling via ship. “Charley” finally created the perfectly smooth, clean, flavorful spirit he longed for! Able to stand on it’s own; Dark Harbor needs only family, friends, & your favorite pastime to help you live life to the fullest today, without suffering through tomorrow.


Dark Harbor uses 8 different sugars from every part of the world visited by Charley:


-Coconut Palm Nectar, Sorghum Grass Syrup, and Cane Juice from Pacific Islands 

-Lime and Cane Juice from the West Indies

-Maple Sap from New England

-Fancy Molasses and Cane Juice from the Everglades

the reaper

A tale comes to mind of an excited captain and his crew. They weigh anchor and set sail, anxious to deliver precious barrels of new world, tax free rum to those who thirst for life and are noble of heart. When, seemingly out of nowhere, a storm roars up on the horizon. It had the look of devastation and appeared hell-bent on ending the earthly journey of the loyal crew and claiming the storied ship for its collection. The retired war ship that had survived so many battles in the past now seemed destined not to complete her merchant voyage.


After hours of brutal punishment for which no bad deed could deserve, just as the ship made its way into the heart of the storm, a sudden calm took over the sea. The ship appeared frozen in time and space, the end had come, and the Angel of Death appeared before them, ready to harvest. The ships course was now set for a harbor not of this world, to begin their afterlife. The darkness was almost welcomed at this point of despair, just like an old friend from different age. It was at that moment; the Captain reverently offered up the precious cargo to the Angel in good faith. Instantly upon sampling the delicious rum, the Grim Reaper was astounded by the amount of passion the crew had for their craft. It was like nothing he had ever seen or tasted before. Being a master of spirits, he knew they still had meaningful business left in this world. Death had decided to keep a share and he spared their lives for a time.


While the exact terms of that deal have remained unspoken; it is whispered that the Angel of the Night also shared secrets of the trade, in return for future payments. Every year on January 19th, an offering of rum was to be made in the graveyard at Westminster Hall, under the feet of the perched Raven (the grave site of Edgar Allen Poe). Out of respect for the Angel and his uncharacteristic display of mercy, from hence forth the title of “Distiller” would forever be replaced by the title of “Reaper” throughout the Chesapeake Rum Company.


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